Your TechSupportMama

Marissa Torres

About Me

I am a  troubleshooter, programmer & web developer by profession and a mother of 3 kids in my chosen career – motherhood.

I have been a work-at-home mama since 2002 and being able to work from home was the perfect setup for me until now.  Perfect in the sense that I no longer have to worry being away from my kids specially when they are sick,  or feel guilty that I  have left my kids to some stranger and am I not 100% sure if they are being given the proper care they need.

Having met and worked with a lot of clients, I have learned that there are a lot of working-from-home-mothers  like me who are trying to find a way to be able to put up their business online and getting lost along the way due to a several difficulties specially on the technical side of doing their online business.

This main reason gave birth to your

My aim is to provide a human touch to the traditional technical support we get from our technical service providers.  This helps lessen the stress and worries that we go through, knowing that you now have a partner, your co-mama is still awake and online working with you.


Working as a programmer since 2001.

more than 10 years with PHP & MySQL
6 years with WordPress
6 years with AJAX / JQuery
9 years with HTML / CSS

Need Help Now? Contact me.

I worked seriously on all my projects.  I collaborate with my clients and find solutions to their technical problems.  Yes, like you sometimes I am busy with kids and all but I always bring my office with me, be it on the school’s waiting area or in the kitchen counter.  And you will find that I charge a reasonable fee that won’t hurt your budget especially if you are in the North America, Europe and Australia where most of my happy and satisfied clients reside.

Don’t hesitate to connect with me to discuss your online project.  I will work the extra mile to assist you, give you time for your family while being successful online.  Contact me now and let’s get started.